Knife Sharpening

Blunt knives can be frustrating to use, slow you down and with the extra effort required to use them, accidents and repetitive strain can occur.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your knives, and although using a steel at home may rejuvenate your blade for a short time, eventually it will become ineffective and it will need to be returned to its original condition by a professional sharpener.

The Sharpeners offer a first class service and can sharpen any knife whether it’s an old beloved kitchen knife or a top of the range chef’s knife such as Kai Shun or Global, we only use slow running wet stones to ensure the finest edges are created, by keeping the blades cool during the sharpening process we can maintain the blades temper ensuring steel hardness resulting in a much longer life for your knife.

Please see our price list.


Knife Sharpening

Knives Price (each)
Chefs and Kitchen knives up to 6 inches blade length £3.75
Chefs and Kitchen knives over 6 inches blade length £5.00
Hunting Knives £5.00
Ceramic Knives up to 6 inches blade length £5.00
Ceramic Knives over 6 inches blade length £7.00

10% discount if more than 20 knives in one order

Knife Repairs Price (each)
Re-heel £3.50
Remove small nicks £3.00
Remove large nicks deeper than 1mm £5.00
Re-tip minor damage £3.50
Re-tip major damage more than 3mm wide £6.00

You can drop your knives off and we will give you a call as soon as they are ready to collect. We do not offer a postal service for knives as once sharpened they are too dangerous to be sent by mail.